inexpensive XLR cable for a tape deck?

I'm looking for an inexpensive balanced set of cables to go from my balanced ARC preamp to my balanced Nakamichi Tape deck. Best bang for the buck, good musically, meter long set, didn't really want to spend alot on the tape deck (mostly for making copies of discs for the car and walkman cassette.


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Canare star-quad with gold-tip Neutrik XLRs. Markertek will
make you a 3-ft pair for $13 + shipping.

I have my whole system wired with DIY ICs and speaker cables
based on Canare cable: L-4E6S (star-quad) for analog ICs,
DA-206 for 110-ohm AES/EBU digital ICs, LV-61S for 75-ohm
S/PDIF digital ICs, and 4S11 for speaker cables.

My motto: can't go wrong with Canare. Check out their
gorgeous F-10 RCA plug. Almost a work of art.
How about Purist Audio Elementa? Should be under $100.00 used but not easy to find.My 682ZX sounds(and records)great with Maximus(unbalanced).
Van den Hul The Second is a terrific balanced cable, inexpensive if you order it new from Highfan on Audiogon direct from Holland (see for sale listings under Van den Hul): about $140 for a meter pair, I think.
The cheapest will be to go to a local music store and get a mic cable. Should be under $20.