inexpensive warm sounding speaker cable

i am looking for a warm sounding speaker cable for a second system.

warm means slightly rolled off in the treble and very full in the bass.

i need about a two meter pair.

any suggestions ?

Give these a try and see what you think. 30-day money back guarantee.
Audience AU24 ,

You could also call " The Cable Company" and tell them what sound you want out of your speaker cables. They will give you a list of brand/model of cables and even let you demo them in your home.

1.800.FATWYRE (328.9973
Tara labs rsc prime 500? used for $150-$200
Almost bought a used pair at a local stereo shop (12 foot pair, asking $200)
I preferred the detail that the signal cable silver resolutions offered but the tara's sounded warm and full to me.
Acoustic Zen Satori or better yet satori Shotgun if you are setup to bi-wire

very resolving, tonally balanced
you can pick up a pair used here quite often
Some interesting choices here Mr. T.
Cardas is an expected recommendation.
I also agree with the HT Pro 11 and would add Pro 9+.
I would stay away from silver plated copper.
The Anti-cables should also be alright but given your inclination towards things vintage, why not try single runs of Jupiter solid core copper in cotton wire. I would consider their 16awg for single runs and maybe 16/20awg if you are biwiring. You could also consider their 6x26awg (twisted together = 19awg aggregate) 6-nines copper in cotton. Don't mistake the clarity you hear for a lack of warmth.
Van Damme Total Definition Directional HIFI or Vann Damme Blue Series. These are cheap compared to typical HiFi brands and sound outstanding. After using them in your system you may like myself think that spending more on speaker wire is silly. Van Damme products born from studio market like Mogami
thanks for the suggestion.

the only speaker cable i am aware of that is sufficiently rolled off in the treble, is an early purist audio design. it is rather expensive. i believe it is either the maximus or collosus.

most of the cables in production are not designed to deliberately attenuate the treble.

fortunately i have found an interconnect that accomplishes the same result.
Glad to hear you found a solution to complement your system.It takes a lot of patience and tweaking to dial the treble in just right.It doesn't make it easier that there are so many recordings accentuated in the higher frequencies.
Well there you go! There's more than one way to skin a rat (i'm a cat lover).
Mrtennis, yes the Purist Audio Colossus is pretty rolled off. I had a pair of ic's that leaked the blue goo. I would call them rolled off and closed in leaning more toward dark than warm.
Belden 1313A is 10 AWG OFC design that is exactly what you elude to wanting. It should be very affordable. Grab some crimp then solder spades and your set.

This cable has a very full sound and is not bright by nature, but still is decently coherent up higher. Bass is great.
Give the Chinese YYW speaker cables a go , you can pick up a 2.5 meter biwired set for under $150.00 , great budget cable that won't be out of place on a modest hi end system .