inexpensive USB-SPDIF converter for Windows 10

Can anyone suggest a good, inexpensive converter that works with Windows 10? I've been using M-Audio USB transit but am having problems with Win 10. I'd go for a used Musical Fidelity V-link converters but not sure if they'll work--many thanks--Alex

Unfortunately Windows (all versions) lag behind Linux and OS X in terms of having built in USB 2.0 audio drivers.

I've had good luck with Wired4Sound products, but have not tried their USB to SPDIF converter, so not sure about Windows 10 compatibility, Windows 7 was the last one I'd let in my house. :) Check out their uLink here.

For a little less, and more interesting is the iFi micro iLink.  Very cool if true about using high-output coaxial outputs. I've never tried it but the price-point is pretty compelling.

iFi also makes well regarded power supplies which can be used to enhance either link.


why not just get a soundcard and get away from the horror of usb?  
why not just get a soundcard and get away from the horror of usb?

Bad USB is a myth. A good USB setup rivals or bests any other any other method.

Some of the best digital audio I’ve heard, and that’s a lot, was on USB.
sound cards often include ground loops. Bad usb is not a myth, but usually not a problem either.

early, or cheap usb solutions had poor isolation or were synchronous.  qindows users often suffered from bit mangling caused by downsampling or digital vollume controls, as would a sound card.

USB 2 asynch with proper isolation is the ideal,b ut in windows may take a little effort to get right.
Thanks for the suggestions. Does anyone have an opinion on the Peachtree Audio X1 USB to SPDIF Converter?
Bad USB IS a myth.