inexpensive upgrade to music hall 5 tt

i bought a used unit, is in very good shape with original goldring cartridge. just kind of playing with vinyl in a little tube system and single driver+sub setup. any thoughts on simple upgrades would be appreciated. not interested in another table at this point.
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Herbies Turntable mat makes a significant upgrade over the stock felt mat.
Ditto to the Herbie's mat above. They make tube dampers as well, if you have a tube system.

Perhaps some BDR products or myrtle wood blocks underneath it. It isn't turntable-specific, but I thought a contact enhancer (Mapleshade, Walker also) helped my system. Depending on what you call inexpensive, the Pro-Ject Speed Box made an improvement in my MMF-5.

As with all tweaks, a try-before-buy or a return option is a good idea. I tried Mark IV BDR Cones on my MMF-5 once and that squashed the soundstage depth (on my system, in my room, on my rack).
Ha, I saw the title of this thread and before even reading the already recommended responces.. Absolutley the music halls respond very well to the herbies totally excellent mat. The thin one is the exact replacement I believe and will sound best.

Also I suggest 2 things, This is a good shot at a cheap tweak, might not be fully effective if not done in conjuction with other isolation techniques however pretty good results can occur with using "Dynamat" type sticky damping sheets on the bottom of the table. Also definitley look into at least 2" thick Maple platforms, 3" are even better but will cost you in the upwards of 75 to 120 bucks from a butcher block maker, same as the audio ones sold here at 200 plus..

Just drop your MMF 5 right onto the solid maple block, and adjust the spikes for leveling right on it. Much better bass, and much better sound stage resolution. Never heard an MMF 5 but have had Music halls top tables and they always responded well to these tweaks.

Good luck
Everyone likes the Herbie mat - as does my dealer; what result do you get over the felt mat?