Inexpensive Tube Pre?

This weekend I picked up a Conrad Jonhnson PV3 off of CL and connected it to my Sansui integrated. HOLY CRAP does it sound good! I now want tubes in my system!! My question is: Will the $400 Jolida or Dared Tube pre's give me similar sound? I would like to get something new but don't want to spend $1,500 on a new CJ classic pre. I would also like 12ax7 tubes if possible, cause I have a few Telefunkens on hand.... Any suggestions?
Can't say anything about the Jolida - but the Dared SL2000a can be quite good with the right tubes.
hang on though - the PV3 IS a preamp. Aren't you looking for a tube power amp now?
I think Mik971 is referring to the Jolida 5T preamps that list around $350 to $400 here on A'gon. Hmm this is a tough question for me. The CJ gear of yesteryear which many audiophiles is quality made stuff vs the budget Chinese preamps of today that can be pretty decent as well. Very tough. To Mik971 is there a Jolida dealer near you that you could talk to about the Jolida preamp you are looking for? Maybe they will let you do a comparison to the CJ CV3 you have?
If you don't need a phono stage I would recommend a Consonance T1 pre. It uses 12ua7 so you can't use your tubes. It is tube rectified and point to point wired and for the money very good performance. Best
I've got an older Jolida 1000A integrated amp in a second system. It has 12AX7's and EL-34's. It really has that sweet as syrup presentation. I have never heard their pre-amp devices.
I owned a Jolida Envoy Preamp and it has a sweet, lush tube sound. The linestage has 12ax7s and the phonostage uses 12at7s. I did not like the phono sound at all...grainy and not very dynamic. CDs thru the linestage had a very musical presentation, although I would not call it quiet preamp. It might be the high gain tubes that cause this. I rolled in some Amperex NOS and the soundstage really opened up.
I would recommend only if the price was right.
Thanks all! I don't have a Jolida dealer in WI suprisingly to demo the 5t pre.. And yes Bdgregory, I did think about the tube amp thang(LOL), that would be the logical choice right? I owned a Scott 222 for a short while but departed with it because of service issues. I figured it would be easy just to pop in pre-amp tubes as opposed to biasing an amp. I don't need a phono stage, so I will look up the Consonance suggestion. Really wish I could demo a Dared also.
Maybe a rebuilt PAS 3 or Van Alstine?
Why not just keep and use the PV3? I have one in my closet that I will never sell. It's a honey of a preamp and sounds very good. It will find it's way into a second or third system someday.
I have thought about keeping it, but I don't like the fact it discharges DC current (I think?) when you power off. I was also a little concerned about the age of the unit. I would hate to blow my amp or speakers if not turned off in the correct order. But you are right, the sound is fantastic! Tbromgard: Are those "new" PAS 3's any good for $600?
I would have the cj upgraded with new caps, and if you want, a muting relay on the outputs, rather than wading into Chinese waters.

The caveat is that the PV-3 was offered both factory wired and as a kit. As with any kit, there is great variablility on the construction quality and hence the amount of work necessary to get it into shape, if it is one of the kit built units, designated PV-3K.

Due to the kit nature, if you have any inclination to get into electronics, this is a really good place to start. There is plenty of real estate in there, and the circuit is very simple with basic parts. Good luck whichever way you go.
I appreciate all your suggestions. I will keep an eye out for a cheap chinese unit to hold me down while I get the CJ serviced. I have a pretty good tech here in town, so I will have him update the unit with fresh caps and put a muting relay on the outputs. Thanks for the great idea Vividian! I guess this is like all good vintage equipment, it costs a bundle today to get the same quality.....
Dunno your budget but another option is a Mapletree preamp. They use octal tubes (either 12snj7 or 6snj7) and sound mighty fine.