Inexpensive tube amp

I'm looking for an inexpensive but yet decent quality tube amp to pair with my new Zu Omen bookshelf speakers. I've noticed that there are a lot of integrated amps out there, but I would rather and Stand alone amp to pair with my existing Preamp. The preamp is a modified Acurus unit from back in the day. However if I cannot find an inexpensive amp an integrated unit might be okay. My budget will be between 300 and $400 new or used. The source will be an old pioneer turntable. Nothing special just an inexpensive analog front end to listen to music in my small room.
nice used vista audio 500-700

some of the cheap chinese stuff scares me. It looks like no CQ on the units.

good used Decware unit? Grommes PHI-26 used
Run a WWW search of the "Musical Paradise MP-301 MK3" single ended tube integrated amplifier ($339 plus shipping).

Looks interesting (to me) and reviews are quite positive.

To use it as a power amp turn its volume pot to maximum and just run your Acurus through one of the MP's line inputs.

Would also be interesting to try the phono section (only) of your Acurus by running it via "record/tape" out through one of the MP's line inputs.

Considering it to simplify the Bottlehead (separates) system I've been using for the past 12 years.

Anyway, a taste of SE tubes for $400/new and it should be fine with Zu's in a small room.
I agree that tubes in the preamp stage, with solid state for power, is the best combo. I use the Roth MC4 in my office for this setup.

Having said that, if you really want tubes in the amp stage, check out the Dared VP-300B SET tube monblocks on eBay. Six Moons loved them, and they should work well with the ZUs. I owned a Dared integrated, and it was really well built. Worth a look.

Any of the Cayin units is a good choice. Inexpensive, high quality sound, great value. I have three of their units and all are outstanding.
"I'm using an Vincet hybrid amp now and I have an old mf100 Conrad Johnson I can try as well."

Have you gotten any gain related noise with any of the electronics that you have already tried?