Inexpensive Tri-Wire Cables

I'm looking for a pair of tri-wire cables for my Definitive Tech BP2000s. Also, a single run for the center chanel speaker of the same type of cable. Any suggestions?
Triwire and biwire all can be done with separate wires and/or cables the following cheap and great way:
order a 12AWG silverplated Carol Command wire from
That's the wire used in the studios. Cut 6 pieces of the length you need(don't know how long but you might consider buying 2 rolls instead of one by 25'). Twist 3 wires in one end and solder with silver lead-free solder(RadioShack one is OK). Secure wires onto necessary length with cable ties. You don't have to terminate the speaker ends rather than equivalently placing solder onto the bare wires.
Another words instead of taking factory terminated stuff you take parts and use them unterminated as a wire between speaker and amp.
It shouldn't take more than half hour to set this all up and the price will speak for itself.
The performance simply smokes M-series Monster speaker cables.
That is a great suggestion, Marakanetz, but I am no DIY'er, and would prefer something that has been manucfactured specifically for Tri-wire use and has been factory or dealer terminated. I'm beginning to think that I am asking for too much by including the sepecification that it also be inexpensive... =]
Some years ago Straight Wire tri-wired a cable for me for a nominal extra charge. It was their top of line Crescendo cable, but I got the impression they would also do it on their other cables as an accommodation. They seemed very decent people to deal with.
As far as I know, Linn K600 is the most inexpensive triwire cable available. It is not pretty, but it looks like it means business, and it sounds great!
Try DH Labs Silversonic. Its relatively inexpensive and can be done it three seperate runs, terminated together at the amp end. Would be a little bulky.
I bought some custom DH Lab tri-wire cables from Jeff Delman of Value Audio. He advertises on Audiogon. He's very helpful and has a wide selection of terminators. Search on DH Lab and look in the classified area.
Analysis plus has cables in different guages that work great together. If you contact them through their web page they will custom factory-terminate whatever you need.
You could even schuffle with different single-wire factory terminated cables or mixing a single-wire with bi-wire for a "larger room of experiments" but it's truly pain to connect two or three spades onto one binding post(bananas cannot be connected a few onto one binding post).
I think it makes a sence to have a different gauge and grade for upper binding post.
Alon makes a tri wire arrangement for their speakers which is not very expensive.