Inexpensive Transport

Looking for an inexpensive, and hopefully small, CD transport to use with a Simaudio 100 D DAC in a second system, other components currently unknown.
I don't know what you consider inexpensive but a small CD player/ Transport that I'm happy with is the Cambridge Audio S30 CDP.
Oppo blu-ray...plays every format, has digital out, and great video.
Shanling PCD300B ???
Stello CDT is small, inexpensive and sounds great.
Sony 595, often available from SonyStyle as a refurb for $60.
The Little Dot transport is small. It looks pretty cool as well. They sell them on Ebay.
California Audio Labs Delta transport is excellent. One thing to remember when choosing a transport is that all transports have a sound of their own not to mention trying to find the right digital cable. You may want to consider an all in one CD player. You may end up a lot happier and money ahead.
Thanks Rrog, I agree, though since I already have the Simaudio from another project, I was hoping there might be a good cheap transport. I had remembered a few years ago when a few cheap DVD players were popular as transports.
Agree with April Music's Stello CDT. Outstanding sound.
I have been enjoying a Pioneer DVD V7400 . I have picked up 2 for around $50.
It is about half width but a little taller than normal components. Check it out on the internet.
Can someone state why they are choosing DVD players as transports over CDP's ?
Hello Saki70, I bought the Pioneer when it was recommended as a transport and I needed a DVD player for my wife. No other reason. Not bad sounding as a player either.

The title of this thread is inexpensive transport and when the OP said hopefully small in size, I thought the Pioneer might work. It's an industrial player so it should last. Also if it doesn't work for him, it won't take up much closet space.;)
Maybe go to a thrift store and get some good working dvd players cheap, try, and listen.
Squeezebox Touch and put away all those nasty CDs.
PlayStationOne, model 1001.
Hi JI35,


Yeah what Joncourage said.
One of the best units that I have heard as a transport only is the Pioneer Elite DV09 player. It is from the time where Pioneer Elite over built their equipment and it is seriously impressive. It outperformed as a transport all units (CD or DVD players) that I compared it with. The reason why DVD players are considered as CD transports is 1) they play CDs.
2) DVD players are outdated when some new bell and whistle come alone. In this case, HTMI came alone and the older DVD units that didn't have HTMI were quickly on the used circuit. However, that doesnt' mean that they weren't excellent as a CD transport, and can still be used as such. In this case, I have been hard pressed to find new CD transports and DAC combination that outperform my DV09 and Theta DS Pro Gen VA. The DV09 used is about $250 and as I have said, you would be hard pressed to find a better player as a transport only.

Second hand Mac mini.... < $ 600, playback software cost about $50... And your well on your way to a fine digital front end.
FYI, the DV-09 does not play cdr, they say the newer 1's do but mine did not and forget about upgrading it so they will do cdr.