Inexpensive shelf/rack for Croft/Harbeth setup.

Looking for a simple rectangular table, less than $200.  I was thinking of  using my Ikea Expedit LP cube, which is 31" SQUARE, with a depth of 15.5".  This unit is not too far off for my needs, but I would like something a bit Longer than 31". It's 31" height is actually pretty ideal. I see a lot of simple systems with simple solutions, but I can never recognize where their racks may come from. The depth (15.5") is a plus, so I am looking for something that won't take up too much space, especially depth. A bit sturdier than Ikea would be a plus, but I want to keep it simple and inexpensive. This will reside in a bedroom, and I may add a TT at one point. If/when I do that, I will use my Target Wall Shelf for the TT. Cheers -Don
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Don - 

Have a look at the TV stands on the Cymax website.  Lots of options in your price range there.  I just recently purchased an audio rack from them and it was the lowest price I could find anywhere for what I wanted, and the best part is that the shipping is free.

Good luck in your search!

I have two of these stacked on top of one another and secured with lag bolts so the stay connected and stable. Isolation cones are used on the legs. I made longer legs for the top unit to accommodate my amp. Works great and is very eye catching. Allows for maximum air flow and gear placement.

good luck!
Thanks tom6897. The Ikea Lack is really close to what I have in mind. That could be the one. If you google Lignolab bench, that is the general idea. But just the one shelf like that Ikea piece is fine. Simple, open… (-:

The IKEA Besta series is interesting as well. Perhaps a bit better build than the LACK. I have no complaints about my Lack, or Expedit stuff. I did use Wood glue on all the wood dowels for extra reinforcement on my Expedit LP shelves though.
Email Chris at Timbernation.  He can make a you a simple table to your desired dimensions at a very reasonable price.  Not the chattiest person out there but he went above and beyond when I got a stand from him recently.
Besta would be better, in my opinion. It has a better connection system than the Expedit.
I use it for my components with some Herbie's sound dampening. 
I would also consider Sound Anchors. They have a wall mount for speakers that I am using for my amps.