Inexpensive remote for Bryston BCD and BDA

If you have a Bryston BDA-1 or BDC-1 and do not have a remote, and also do not want to spend nearly $500 on a new one, I have a solution.

I picked up a $50 Logitech Harmony 600 at Wallymart and was able to download the BDA-1 programming from the Logitech website. They actually had all the proper controls for the various inputs, UPSAMPLING, and a few inputs like -3db,-2db,-1dB, and 0dB I did not even know the BDA-1 had. I tested all the commands and they work flawlessly. Will put this away as a reference remote for the BDA-1, and transfer the codes to another URC remote I use to control my entire system. URC did not have the proper codes in its database.

So for $50 and about 15 minutes on the web, you can create the $500 Bryston remote. Pretty cool.