Inexpensive PC's? Blue Circle 61 Power Cords?

I'm looking for a couple of power cords for my pre-amp and tuner. Not needing anything too expensive, just good value and a better sounding component than stock power cord. BC 61 retail for $110. Your thoughts on this cord or others I might investigate would be greatly appreciated. Bill
I have a bc61 and bc62 in my system and love them. I bought both used on audiogon but are real tough to come by. I just got lucky. Try talking to Kevin at Harmonia Audio. I purchased a few Blue Circle products from him for less than retail. An even cheaper option is Cobalt Cable. They are really inexpensive. I hope this helps.
My experience with BC products are as follows. I recently purchased BC-86s from Walt. They performed just as Advertised - no false claim - they exceeded my expectations. Walt is a excellent person to deal with and very quick to respond to questions or concerns. I had already purchased a Zsquared power cord, but after dealing with BC products I wished that I had delt with them first. I highly recommend BC products. Dave Stephenson
BC products are great. You might also consider Moon Audio. I've had excellent results with their Green Dragon PC on my digital front end.
I also sell Blue Circle; and like Walt and Kevin, started doing so because I like the product. It is easy to sell something you firmly believe in.

I am in the Northern Virginia / Washington DC / Baltimore metro area. If you're in this area, you could possibly borrow a couple pairs to try.

I appreciate all your replies and it has made my decision to purchase the 61/62. The 61 will go on a modified Marantz ST-46 tuner and the 62 will go on the outboard power supply of a Bryston BP-25 pre-amp or possibly on my Nak Ca-5 pre-amp. Thanks again and I'll post a follow-up later. Bill
Well, I'm using the BC61 Power Cord on the Bryston's BP-25 power supply and the larger AWG Blue Circle 62 PC on a B&K ST 1200 power amp. Both cords sound great and are a major improvement over the stock cords. I like the fact they are very flexable. Great mids and the bass is much deeper and fuller. Excellent PC's and an excellent value. These cords are easily worth their retail price. I don't think you will have any regrets w/ either of these cords. Bill
I too have both the 61 and 62 and love them both. Great PC's for the money (and more).