Inexpensive passive pre

I need a passive pre (single channel only) ...prefferably just an attenuator for my nOrh LeAmp.
I am very happy with the uncolored sounds of passives so far.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I am looking in the range of 80-150 (remember, just an attenuator!)
Recently on eBay a company called Luminous Audio was selling simple discrete-resistor passive units for about $100... you might do an eBay "Completed Auctions" search for "Luminous Audio" and then send an email to the seller.
there is a VERY simple passive for auction on eBay (at least I think it is still available ... not sure when it ends though). It is a small box with dual attenuators and one set of in and out jacks. Last I saw it was sitting at $39.95 with no reserve. Go to eBay, search under Home Audio Amplifiers and enter the key word "passive". If it is still there it should show up.
tim's AXIOM passive pre is the ticket. single input,noble pot, silver wire cardas?posts, slim and trim. tim stitson
luminous audio technology
You might want to check out Electronic Visionary Systems' Ultimate Attenuators at Don't know if they'll meet your price target, but they are very highly regarded and would be exactly what you're looking for. Best of luck.