Inexpensive Magnepan simple DIY modification to increase overall depth/sound clarity

Here are very simple DIY modification instructions for increased overall sound clarity for Magnepan speakers that have the removable "C" shaped solid chrome plated heavy metal tweeter attenuation jumper clip held into the back plate by 2 set screws.  Loosen the set screws and remove the "C" shape solid chrome plated tweeter attenuation jumper clip. Order from item # 100931,  which is a 3.25mm OD  .999 fine silver soft 12 inch tube...about $11.00  Cut and shape from the soft silver 12" tube enough material to make two "C" shaped jumper clips using the dimensions from the stock heavy solid metal chrome plated "C"clip.  Install the DIY "C" shaped pure silver tube clips into the back plate tweeter attenuation holes and secure with the set screws. The pure silver tube jumper clip moves electricity very fast along the crossover circuit compared to the stock solid heavy metal jumper clip.  There is less mass and electrical resistance using the DIY pure silver tube jumper clip. You will discover more details and depth in your music. Let the mod break in for 10 hours and the sound gets even better.  All the best to you!

I'm sure someone will find your post useful.

Silver does have better overall conductivity at 106% vs 99.99% for any decent copper cable. So there's that to consider.
This mod is nonsense.  You want a free and far superior one - just bypass the cheap attenuator  block internally.  Very easy to do and obvious when you remove the back plate.
There are folks who do not want to remove the back plate....the simple DIY pure silver jumper mod does help to provide better clear/focused bass and treble frequencies without voiding any warranty.   Best Wishes and happy listening!
Nothing nonsensical about the mod as stated. Why the acrimony? Replacing jumpers on receivers and integrateds have been done in similar fashion by using sets of short silver ICs. I did it a long time ago with a NAD receiver I had.

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I apologize if I came off a little harsh, but it does not make sense to spend money to fix a problem when eliminating the cause is so much more effective.  This is a little like getting a splinter and using all kinds of dressings and pads to minimize the discomfort when removing the splinter is the best solution. 
Look at Beethoven and Mozart. They both had passion creating different sounds which we can choose to enjoy or not. If we didn't have different ideas it would be a boring world. Thanks