inexpensive interconnects for MF X10-D tube buffer


I just bought a MF x10-d tube buffer and psu from fellow audiogoner. I'll need an extra set of cables. Any recommendations for an <$100 (preferably <$50)used interconnect? And while you're at--any recommendation for a power cord in the same range?

I have a 15 yr old CD player you've never heard of (a one-off prototype) and modified Naim 72/HC/250 +Spendor S100 speakers

Hi I'll build you a set for 50.00 if there not better than the mega-buckers send them back. Spent a lot of time researching varios types form gold coated nickle ,silver, numerous combinations. they are a lot of work but I'm retired.
I saw another thread like this one asking about inexpensive cables. one response mentionned the Auvion cables offered by Radio Shack. $20 + tax = 6ft. RCA.

Hmmm. I thought why not give them a shot? I mean for <$22!

So I bought a pr for myself. Been running them in for a couple days full time. At this point I've got to admit they are impressive. clean. Clear. Not shelved up or down. Balanced and resolving without being overly articulate or thin. I'll feel better about them quite soon as I'm not seeing much migration in their sound now, as they had the first 2 days.

Personally wether they get better now or not, I've no problems with them and am again, impressed.

I've not placed them into my main system yet, but as I run in almost all my cables in a lesser rig, i feel these cables are no brainers for the near nothing fee... and if you don't like 'em... you can return them for a full refund!

I think they'll fare pretty well up against the Micro Pearls and Audio arts I own too.
Bluejeans cable are great for the price and you can have them custom made to your length for less than $50.00 Just do a Google.