Inexpensive integrated to drive Klipsch

I'm looking for an integrated amp to use with a pair of Klipsch Forte's that I recently purchased. Prefer to have a remote, price range is about $600-$800 used. Should I go tube or SS?

Possible candidates:

Musical Fidelity

Recommendations? What else should I consider?
With those speakers, I would go with tubes all the way. A Jolida or Consonance tube amp would be a great match. The Consonance M100 Plus is incredible for the money - a bit better than the Jolida 202 IMO. Cayin T30 would also be a good bet although I actually haven't heard that one.

The only SS integrated I would recommend with those speakers would be the Rega Brio or Mira. But tubes will get you more performance for the same cost, in my experience.

Agree with Aball, tubes are the best match for Klipsch. I would also recommend Plinius for SS. I paired a Plinius 8100 (has a remote) with my Chorus II's (bigger brother to the Forte's) and results were fantastic. As great as the Plinius was with the Klipsch, there is just magic with tubes.
The Onix SP-3 might be worth considering.
Try the Sophia baby amp. A great match with my Khorns. I have 2 of them. Plenty of them on Ebay and Audiogon.
Which Creek? I was thinking about a 5350SE, only because I used to own one and liked it, but not with horns. Is there a better choice?
also look at Naim nait, used with Cornwalls very good sound
Anyone have any experience with Arcam?
I agree with the others above - tubes are definitely the way to go with Klipsch speakers. I've been using various 6BQ5/EL84 based amplifiers with my Klipsch Quartets and I couldn't come up with a bad combination. I think a JoLida JD-102B would be a nice combination with your Forte's.
NAD integrateds would likely be a nice match with your Klipsch's.
since you asked, i'm a huge arcam fan--i currently have an alpha 9 and also have some experience with the diva a65/a85. tons of oomph (60w drives big, relatively inefficient revels effortlessly), and very refined and detailed on the top end--sonically in the same universe as rega or creek, but more sizzle and low end extension. i haven't heard 'em with horns, however.
Atoll IN50SE - IN80SE - IN100SE .. 50/80/100 are watt/8ohms

I second the NAD suggestion. My little 50w/channel NAD seperates rocked with the Forte's. Warm sound really mates well with Klipsch midrange and tweeter horns. The combination added depth to the music and great seperation with instruments. Really tamed the "shrillness" of the highs while allowing them to extend out. Great bang for the buck choice.

I had great luck with a Jolida 1501 RC with my Klipsch
KLF 20's. Just terrific! 100 W/WPC with tube pre section.
Save a little more and buy the Rogue Cronus on Agon for $1195.
The OP was two years ago guys!!!!!!
I should quit drinking.
If you don't go the tube route for the pre, get a tube dac. The klipsch speakers "sizzle". It's best to tone them down with tubes.