Inexpensive high efficiency bookshelf speakers


Can you please suggest some inexpensive ( <$1000) high efficiency (about 95 dB) bookshelf or small floor standing speakers ?
Thank you
Sequerra MET 7 Mk VI. I have the Mark II but its essentially the same design. I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed these speakers. I replaced a pair of Vandersteen 2CEs as I had to travel to Africa to live and needed something portable. I was floored when I realized these little monitors were much better than the Vandys at about 1/10 their size.

Many folks will tell you that they regret selling their Sequerras. I think that Dick still sells them direct for $850 per pair. What a steal.

Get some good stands. I think they are relatively efficient...i use a 10 watt Sophia tube amp and they drive them to reasonable levels....although I don't listen too loudly.
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Check out the Omega loudspeaker line up. Also the Coincident Triumphs. Then there's the older French Cabasse that come up for sale now and then.

The Sequerra are not all that efficient but in a similar vein, the Triangle loudspeakers are also potential candidates.
If price is an object the Sound Dynamics RTS 3s are still an amazing speaker for their modest size and price ($280 new and ~ $150 used on audigon).
Hi Simon.

Focal Chorus 807 V: 92dB $1,095 pr. list

Infinity Primus P362: 93dB $758 pr. list

Triangle Titus: 91dB $995 pr. list

sometimes you can find these : Loth X BS or Ion BS.Very good,end cheap.
Von Schweikert VR1 90 db discontinued, but can be had around 500 on agon. great warmth, soundstage and imaging. Were sold as "set tube friendly". Love em!
Thank you very much for your help with suggestions. My need, however, is very specific, speakers must have high efficiency not less then 94-95 dB. I don;t need used but with MSRP somewhat less then $1000 will be fine. Slighly more expensive will do too

Thank you
KRK Systems
Usblues: What is the web site of KRK Systems? They are not listed (under this name) in Audiogon Industry directory.

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Air Tight Bonsai's I sold a pair of $5000.00 Reference 3A Royal Masters to someone that has them and resold the 3A and kept the Bonsai's they must be amazing!
Simon - check out Omega Loudspeakers. They fit all your desires.

I have heard a pair of Focal 706v at a friends home and frankly, I was stunned at what I was hearing. They were powered by a Cambridge Audio integrated and an Oppo player. Nothing fancy. The first word that comes to mind is dynamic, the kind of authority that normally comes with a much higher price tag. They are only about $600- new, and are very efficient, although I don't know the exact sensitivity. The presentation is a bit forward so if you are looking for something a bit laid back these probably aren't going to be for you. At any rate this is a pair of speakers that, in my opinion, plays in a neighborhood of much more expensive bookshelves. Good luck in your quest and let us know what you finally decide on.
Mirage OS3-FS. They have a tiny footprint, have the speed and transparency of a good mini-monitor, are rated at 93dB sensitivity, and being omnidirectional, energize the entire room and turn it into a listening area. The enclosure is an aluminum extrusion and is very inert--no boxy sound.

I have their OMD-15 floorstanders, and the 91-93 dB sensitivity is very noticeable. I get clip-free room-filling volume in a cathedral-ceiling open architecture living space from an 85 wpc integrated amp.
Thank you. Omega look interesting (93 dB) and I am looking toward Decware as well.

Focal 706v ? What web site or manufacturer name?
Thanks again

04-06-09: Simontju
Focal 706v ? What web site or manufacturer name?
Made by JM Labs of France. Available many places including Music Direct, which carries JM Focal's Chorus and Profile series. I'm not sure if you're limited to a stand-mounted (or bookshelf) speaker, but for $150 more you can get the floorstanding version with a supplemental woofer, more dynamic range, bass extension, and sensitivity/efficiency.
Although I have never heard them I have read great things about Tekton Design speakers who make high efficiency small speakers for low and moderate prices.
I'll second the MET7's as I too purchased Met7's when they first came out along with the matching HF1 ribbon tweeters. For a long time (as in 20+ years) they were the midrange part of my main speaker system along with 2 Atlantic Technology 8" 70 watt powered subwoofers and the afore mentioned HF1 tweeters. When I got back into Audio seriously about 3 years ago they became my part of my bedroom systems in both of my homes (I have 2 pairs plus a pair of MKII's I've yet to repair)driven by a Cayin 10watt MT12a and a Jolida 103b respectively both systems also use a single subwoofer.
Recently the original pair were looking pretty ratty so I pulled them out of service for a general cleaning and touch up. In their place I first tried a pair of Energy C50's and had issues with them sounding "dead" there may have been a problem with their rear porting into a fairly open shelf as I use them in my office and quite like them there .Next I tried a new pair of Warfdale Diamond 9.0's not bad but they just seemed to lack the Depth & life of the Met7's. Well after re blacking the felt, a through dusting ,cleaning & Armouralling the Rubber surrounds they are back in the bedroom system and sound better than ever. These are keepers for life for me.

Ps:The system driven by the Cayin also uses a pair of Radio Shack Lineaum tweeters to very good effect they add a similar sparkle to the HF1's that now reside in my high efficiency system with an ARC CA50 and a pair of AR S10HO's.

Regards, Jerry
PSB bookshelfs are a bargain