inexpensive hdcd player or dac

i am looking for an inexpensive cd player or dac with hdcd capabilities. any suggestions?

Go with one of the units from Stan Warren at Supermods. He seems to offer the most bang for the buck under $1500. I know of no unit under this price point that can touch his modded units in terms of musicality. I am on my 13th digital front end , and Stan's modded unit blows all the others away. (If you are interested, I'll sell you my previous $2500 player at a $2000 discount!. Unfortunately, my cheaper Stan Waren replacement is much, much better).
Adcom GDA-700 DAC has HDCD decoding, and is a nice sounding DAC for the money...$250-$350
Paul, how do you define "inexpensive"? The Classe CDP.3 is a wonderful cd player for the money that has hdcd. I think it runs around $1,000 new and $500 used. Build like a tank and solid aluminum remote as well. Cheers