inexpensive hdcd player or dac

i am looking for an inexpensive cd player or dac with hdcd capabilities. any suggestions?

Paul, how do you define "inexpensive"? The Classe CDP.3 is a wonderful cd player for the money that has hdcd. I think it runs around $1,000 new and $500 used. Build like a tank and solid aluminum remote as well. Cheers
Adcom GDA-700 DAC has HDCD decoding, and is a nice sounding DAC for the money...$250-$350
Go with one of the units from Stan Warren at Supermods. He seems to offer the most bang for the buck under $1500. I know of no unit under this price point that can touch his modded units in terms of musicality. I am on my 13th digital front end , and Stan's modded unit blows all the others away. (If you are interested, I'll sell you my previous $2500 player at a $2000 discount!. Unfortunately, my cheaper Stan Waren replacement is much, much better).