Inexpensive Good Vintage Turntables?

I'm considering buying a turntable again. I've been without one for going on 10 years. This time around, could you recommend some really good inexpensive models (prefer belt but DD OK, too). And carts (preferably modern) that will work with them? And who are good online sellers of restored models? I know very little about vintage turntables ...


Meant to write self-centering. My non-inverted bearing/platters would get off center after a long session. My leveling set screws had points too.

try to find Technics SL1200MK4 in good condition, in US you will be needed to replace power transformer from 100V AC to 115V AC, plenty available for SL1200MK2/5.

Key features: DD, 33 1/3, 45, 78 rpm, titanium arm which dampens resonances well, RCA connectors, which is allowing to use cable of your choice.

I found this “old” Technics design the best for everyday listening, and it is a perfect match for Audio Technica AT150MLX MM, and AT-ART9/7 MC carts. No rumble noise, tight bass, stable speed, heavy mat, perfect tracking.

I recommend an indestructible Victor QL7/QL7A still found at affordable prices, a small overhaul to the arm and counterweight support and it can be used for many years to come.

I had the opportunity to perform some complete overhauls a short time ago, the engines and oil were clean as fresh, unlike the SP10mk2 engines with dirty oil or even no oil, worn by time .... yet those turntables were both produced in the 1970s

"I recommend an indestructible Victor QL7/QL7A"


I use that motor drive in a Victor CL2P plinth with 2 tonearms. Very good speed stability, JVC/Victor really knew what they were doing when they designed this drive. Extremely well engineered and made.