Inexpensive CD Transport

I just purchesed an old Wadia 32 D/A and currently have a new NAD C540 CD player. I hate to waste the DAC in the 540 (24/96) so I am thinking about selling it and getting an older player or transport unit -- I love the sound of the Wadia 32. I have also considered getting a multi disc player for convenience. Any suggestions or should I just keep the NAD...also are there any issues with the digital out on the 24/96 player and the older Wadia? Thanks.
A couple of things. First the Wadia is first rate, that D/A is very good. You may know that Wadia has been bought and may no longer be a viable company. That's why so much Wadia gear is for sale right now. D/A's rarely have problems, but I wouldn't recommend a Wadia transport right now. They rarely break, but if they do--you're going to have problems with service. A good transport will give you the most out of the D/A. I have used four different transports in my system with 3 different D/As. Each of them sounded different with different D/As. There is a bit of matching here. When I was using a Muse model 2 I prefered my Micromega Drive 2 (which by the way is for sale right now) over a CEC TTL2. That's not to say it was better than the CEC--but with the Muse it sounded better. I have used a Marantz and a Mission CD player as transports. The sound on them was very closed with poor bottom end resolution compared to the Micromega. I'm now using a Mark Levinson 37 transport with the 36 D/A. Not only is the 37 much higher resolution and considerable better bottom end--but it benefits from the matching to the D/A. So, if you can get a steal on a Wadia transport (and I mean steal because service could be a big issue) and you are a risk taker--this might be the way to go (best sound for the dollar). If you want a Micromega Drive 2 cheap--let me know. The only other thing you might consider is a Genesis digital lens.
keep the wadia they will be back in business,if you can find a wadia # 20 transport used for 1500 or less grab it and then connect the 2 units with the optimal enchantment optimus glass cable,you will never sell the combo.I have the transport and have had it for 4 years,cannot be beaten
I used the Acurus ACD-11 as transport, great CDT for money also cheapest in used market around $350 you'll get it like new, Rega CDP also good for money. Good luck.
Buy a DVD unit either multi disc and use it with your DAC - it will give you great sound and vision . Sony or Yamaha .
Patriot- If you want a changer, the CAL CL-10 is very good. I am using one now, as a stand alone and it sounds good with the built in DAC. I love the convenience, and have thought that if I upgrade, I will just go with a good, used DAC. FWIW, this unit was rated Class B, so iits pretty good on its own. I paid $800 from a local dealer, but you can get one privately for about $700.
I have a Wadia 12 dac and use a old counterpoint transport. Both have the bnc connectors and I beleive both together sound great. I have not had the chance to try any other transports so any other advice I can't give. Would like to try the rega as a transport.
I agree 100% with Roger. Take his advice, you will never regret it! - Larry
Abstract, Roger, Rutel, Ljgj, Lak, Swampwalker and South43 thanks for your comments -- I am going to keep a lookout for an inexpensive CD player/transport per your all suggestions. Would love to get a Wadia transport...I'm not worried about the company, I think we'll see them again. I will also look at the Acurus and Micromega. Have heard great things about the CAL also. Again, thanks for your help and time.
From ticklers on other threads, I looked into the products of Electro Visionary Systems (EVS) @ It looks like this guy's products are VERY highly regarded -- check One of his products is a Sony CD player modified to be a transport only for $650, gets rave response. Then there's his updated Millenium DAC that apparently is pants-wetting good ($850), and an affordable digital amp is in the works. Anyway, the site has a lot of interesting info, products, and tweaks. Check his discussion of the new audio formats under Audio News. Any feedback from y'all?
Patriot- Actuall I use to own both Micromega Stage 3 and Acurus ACD-11, as you want to use as transport I recommend ACD-11 but if you want a one box digital go with Micromega. Regards, Rute.