inexpensive CD recorder

Im thinking of buying a cd recorder, but looking to spend less than $500. I would just be making dubs of LPs and compilation discs.I have a decent system( CJ, McCormack, rega, Rotel...)and this unit would only be for dubs. Any one have any suggestions?
I really like the Pioneer PDR W-739-- very versatile, and copies sound great. It's now $550. at Cruthfield, but may be less in some of the big chains. It has a 3 CD drawer on left that is programmable and record drawer on right. I did an LP awhile ago and it works well. I've also done a bunch of compilations. The features and versatility are worth the money. Good Luck. Craig.
Spend an extra $100 and buy the Marantz CDR632. It a pro unit and has all the benifits I've posted in the past.