Inexpensive Cartridge for VPI Scout

Hi Everyone:

I'm helping a newbie put together a two channel system. He will be using a Scout and needs a high output coil or moving magnet/iron cartridge that is inexpensive but will work well with the JMW9. Any thoughts? Let's keep it under $150. Thanks.
I use Denon 110, actually slightly better than 160. Yogi comp on ebay had the 110 for $135 last I looked.
Be bold, and sensible, get a Shure 97. I know, what can a $50 cartridge sound like. You will be surprised and if you don't like the sound it can be sold off for $30. Most do not want to take a frightening step that will tell them that price has nothing to do with good sound, and that goes for all components in the hi end.