Inexpensive, but Quality 2 ch. Tube Amps

Hey folks - I'm interested in dabbling in tube amps. Can anyone recommend specific products or reviews covering these products? Is there an existing FAQ on tube amps, including maintenance, pros/cons, etc?
i have recently bought an anthem amp 1. it sounded so nice (was running hafler ss amps) that i bought a second one. their are some bargins out their. i paid 550$ each new. i saw one on audio review for 499$ (it is not mine nor do i know the seller). also read the reviews on audioreviw about them. i have ls2mk2 (tube hybrid); mac 67 tube tuner; cal 15 and nht 2.5i (one amp per speaker). they seem to work well with my system. good luck....i will never listen to ss again.
VTL-ST150 Mesa Baron Dynaco tube amps Conrad Johnson Audio Research Read Vaccume Tube Valley Magazine for lots of tube insite... VTL 's David Manley publishes a great book & sonic Frontiers publishes a great booklet for $ 5.00
You cannot go to wrong with anything by Conrad Johnson. Can usually find very nice used units also. For used, be sure to ask about the age of the tubes they are selling you with the unit. Most CJ OEM tubes last about 3 years.
Check out the "Tube Asylum" at Its a lot of wading and slogging, but useful info does surface. The search system works. I agree with the guys above, Conrad Johnson (which I own, VTL, Audio Research all make good stuff and offer long years of support. I am listening to a friends Rogue amplifiers and find them enjoyable too. Used offers the best deals, but make sure no one's monkeyed with the innards. Also some tubes are expensive, 300B's for example. Check out the Tube Store at for availability and pricing. Do be forwarned, tube changing and comparing (a.k.a. tube rolling) does add another means to tweak systems, or fiddle endlessly. The sound is worth it.
hello there, in case your interested i have a great Integrated Tube Amp for sale. Its a VAC Williamson. Its about 5 years old but was stored for half its life. Its rated at 37 WPC, has 4/8 ohm taps, uses 4 EL34 Output tubes and 3 inputs. And VAC's are built like tanks This one is in excellent working and cosmetic condition. i m selling to upgrade. this is a wonderful amp to break into tubes with. i m only asking $1000 and would of Retailed for about $3000. also included are 2 sets of Output tubes with only about 200 hours on each pair. please write back if your interested. thanks for your time, Dan