Inexpensive Bookshelf Speaker Stand?

I am on a tight budget because I will be going off to school soon. Does anyone know of a good stand that would fit a pair of Ascend Sierra-1 speakers that I am looking at?

I can always upgrade to something better later on. Just trying to find a good solution for now.
Sanus Basic stands. Sell at Amazon for 30.00
Check parts express for sales, usually pretty cheap.

I bought some VTI stands for my old mission/cyrus 782's a few years back and they were about $100. Also filling the legs with sand really helped. Just make sure the sand is dry.
Best bang for buck is to go to a store specializing in concrete yard ornaments. They have colloms in various size and shapes which can be painted or left natural. Quite cheap, very effective and much better looking than you think. There is a thread on the internet from someone in Greece who did this .