Inexpensive Audiophile Set-up?

Is this an oxymoron? Am I a moron ( just thought that I'd cut that one off at the pass). Here's the deal: I'd like something that sound pretty good, but I don't see myself spending more than $300 per piece in the near future. Maybe a bit more for speakers if they look really nice. I anticipate buying used stuff unless there's a compelling reason not to. So far I've purchased Adcom GFA-555 amp ($300) and PS Audio 4.6 pre-amp ($200). I think that my next purchase will be a cd player. I listen to mostly reggae,jam band recodings on cdr and radio. My current speakers are Boston Acoustics and Infinity bookshelves. One cd player within my budget is a Marantz 6000 OSE on Ebay. Thanks for your time.
Go with a Parasound CDP 1000 its the best player under 1k you can purchase.Check ebay,also audio have new b stock for 249.00
Finish with Cambridge Audio D500 CD Player and B&W 600 Series Speakers (602 Systems 2 would work nicely).
I've done a little research. Parasound is a $500 unit which is being discontinued and is available for $250. It 1st appeared in'96. The Cambridge D500 is "upgradeable." I want to call to find out exactly what that means. The D500 sells for $390 new and I see it for $300 used. As far as $, a used C.A.= the new Parasound. That's as much as I can tell w/out actually hearing one. Does someone have an insight that will tip the scales?
I suggest the NAD 514 CD player in light of your musical tastes.
I have played both side by side.They are in a different leauge.The Parasound is so far better.I have been told that if Parasound had to do it again they would have priced this unit at 999.00 and would have sold more at that price point.It is a gem.I sold My Mcintosh MCD 7008 and replaced it with the Parasound.They were so close it made no sense to keep the MCintosh.I had he two for a week and went back and forth.Parasound CDP 1000 best budget player under 1k.The unit was MFG by CEC in Japan.
Tm12: I assume your saying that you played the Parasound next to the Cambridge Audio, right? Also, what is "b" stock. Is it a "second." Wellfed: Please help me to understand why you think the NAD is better suited to my musical tastes. THANKS
D,I think NAD has a rep for being detailed and accurate, with good bass control, perhaps not as smooth and lush in the midrange. Adcom has similar rep, so smoother cdp like parasound might be better match. Other contenders from Rotel, Arcam, Marantz.
D, I've heard most of the players mentioned and short of putting each in your system and you listening, you will proably never be able to pick the best for you. However, these are all on the right track. One thing to add, which you didn't make a reference, is good interconnect/speaker cables. I went from mid-price Monster to Audiotruth(used) and was amazed at the difference. Kimber also has some inexpensive interconnect/speaker cable. You really need something good to bring out the best of your GFA555, PS Pre and future CD. Good luck......LR