Inex Innovation cables rids the need for amps?

Has anyone looked into these new fiber optic speaker cables that claim they can be used straight from the preamp to the speaker? Positive feedback has an interesting write up on it here:

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Very interesting indeed Tommy, looks like we are steadily moving to the iPod music system. Now they will need to shrink speakers. I'd be afraid of accidently stepping or bending one of those cables the wrong way. FWIW, I remember when the HT Cyberlight's came out a couple of years ago and were all the rage. I haven't heard much of them lately, do they still sell them?

As an aside, does this mean that you will be selling your MR-X's soon? :)

Happy Holidays!!
LOL!!! You know me John, always looking to upgrade in search of the holy grail of audio. No component is safe in my system!

Happy Holidays to you and your family too!
I am using one pair to Cyberlights to great effect. Since purchasing them several years ago my system is now fully balanced, except for my tuner and the ocassional need to replace my source with my single ended back up.

I also have the upgraded battery pack but haven't taken it out of the box. However the sonics are even better via the battery.