Indy Audio Labs Acurus Act4

Hello all,

Has anyone here had a chance to hear this new processor.  Im trying to decide between this new offering and the Marantz, or the McIntosh Mx 160. 
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Mark Seaton was using the Acurus in his AXPONA demo room this year, the room sounded very good. 

Thr big problem with it though is that it’s room correction features are incredibly basic.  The new Marantz has their best version of Audyssey, and the McIntosh looks like it licenses Lyngdorf’s RoomPerfect which is very highly regarded.  

Another I’d take a look at is the Anthem AVM 60, ARC room correction is again very highly regarded and any Anthem gear I’ve seen is built to a very high standard, plus they’re offering 20% off through the end of the month if you trade in any old electronic piece (hell, just buy a $20 t-amp off of Amazon and trade that). 

Depending on your urgency, ATI has a 16 channel unit coming out with Dirac built-in, and the Emotiva RMC-1 with 16 channels and Dirac for only $5,000 is on the horizon.  
Thanks for the feedback.   No rush in getting a processor at the moment, I'll just continue to focus on putting together the two channel components in the meantime.  
Have made any choice about a Home Theater Processor ?
I just learned that Acurus ACT4 `s   room correction device  cost 3000 Euro. But the dealer can lend it to the buyer for free for a couple of days.

It would be a 4 microphones  room correction device , primary for the use of dealers and integrators .
A more professionnal room correction  device than you usualy find .
According to a dealer…..