Industrial Strength Disc Polishing

I have tried a couple of Disc Doctor type devices and they all seem overpriced and mediocre in their performance. In fact, one or two discs where I gave the full treatment and polish never worked again - which was even worse than they were when I tried to polish out a few scratches.

By comparison, my local Game Stop store will take just about any disc you give them on trade, and they only deduct a buck or two to polish out the scratches.

Similarly, the local public library also has a machine which apparently keeps all of their CDs and DVDs playing.

In addition, you can bring in your own discs for treatment, but here too they charge a buck or two which I am sure will pay for at least one librarian over the course of a year if anyone uses it.

Therefore, could anyone please post advice, links, or their experience using a high quality disc polishing machine?

If these are not too expensive, it seems it would be a reasonably investment for anyone who had a big collection of music and movies.
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Thanks but I am not familiar with this type of thing.

More than happy to try and "get good at this" myself if anyone can find reasonably priced supplies to get set up.
Look for an electric grinding wheel and then get buffing pads. It likely will not require any "rouge", just a lubricant like H2O to keep from "burning" the surface. Maybe a bit of a solvent in it to "dissolve" any sticky stuff.
I agree with Elizabeth and Swampwalker, and I've seen this exact same setup at a CD trading store, when the clerk demonstrated the machine in the back. Exactly as described above.
I would suggest you stay away from a bench grinder. It will not have high enough rpm's not to scratch. Look into a Foredom bench lathe, use the loose muslin polishing wheels and get the foot control as well....should cost around $250 or so. The wife has one. Think I will try it out....wonder what it do on vinyl?

Here's another idea:

Can we use microfiber cloths, as recommended for the most delicate finishes on exotic cars?

And a super premium car wax?

No residue, no powder etc etc.

If this will remove small scratches effectively from a Ferrari, why not a CD?
..........i was able to restore one of my wifes favorite dvd's with Meguiars(sp?) Clear Plastic cleaner/polish. Also able to restore one song on my blue man group disc.
Stuff is great.....just time consuming.
According to a web article, radio stations have used Brasso, as found for a few bucks in any grocery store.

I was not able to find Brasso at our local Target store this morning, but they did have another brass/copper polish by Weiman.

Reading the fine print on the back, it seems it is recommended for polishing brass, copper, LUCITE AND PLASTIC.

So I will report back. But I would bet that this will be more effective than the other high margin disc doctor type voodoo products that ruined some of my CDs and DVDs in the end.
So far, I would say a quick and easy application of Weiman Metal Polish from Target has handily outperformed an overpriced and unwieldy "Disc Doctor" in restoring a DVD.

Now that we have debunked rip off disc cleaners, is there also a quick and easy home remedy for cleaner lasers in CD and DVD players?

A Q-tip and some isopropyl alcohol?