Industrial/lab DC power supply for audio?

Has anyone tried using an industrial or laboratory grade power supply instead of an aftermarket audio grade linear power supply to replace those noisy wall warts?

I was looking at the HP/Agilent 6253A.

The Agilent 6253A series of power supplies combines the versatility of a dual power supply with the flexibility of auto-series and auto-parallel operation, each supply can deliver the maximum-rated output voltage or current of each section.

Dual power supply
Auto-series, auto-parallel operation
Output ratings (0 - 55 deg C): 0-20 V, 0-3 A
Ripple and noise (20 Hz to 20 MHz): CV: 200 uV rms, 1 mV peak-to-peak; CC: 2 mA rms
Load regulation: 0.01% + 4 mV, 0.01% + 250 uA
Line regulation: 0.02% + 2 mV, 0.01% + 250 uA

The Agilent brand is supposedly one of the best of breed, retailed for almost $2k, but can be picked up cheap on ebay anywhere from $100-$300. Theoretically, you can "dial in" any voltage/current combination required to power your component. Would something like this be better than aftermarket linear power supplies you can get from Bolder Cables, CI Audio, Welbourne Labs, etc?
Some brave soul had to have eaten the first oyster! I hope you catch my meaning but to be clear somebody- maybe you -has to try it, and then tell others about it. That is, if you get no responses here or elsewhere.
Over on Audio Asylum I have read some posts some months back, by a guy who did try a lab power supply. It was from Germany I believe, He thought it was the best power supply he had ever come across. See if you can do a search of the Amp or general asylums, I just can't remember the name. It wasn't inexpensive like the ones you have mentioned, so it may cost a lot no matter what, if you want high quality.
No, an actual power supply. Like for a Squeezebox touch. Some after market linear power supplies can cost over $500. I was wondering if buying a used lab power supply for $300, which originally can cost as much as several thousands, would be a better bang for the buck.