Indra Terminations

Does anyone have any opinions on improvement in sound from Stealth Indra beta Cardas terminations vs. production Titanium terminations? Is there a noticeable imrpovement in sound? Thank you.

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Just my opinion here but I believe the Stealth terminations are superior to the Cardas.
Thanks, Rja. May I ask if that is based on comparison of Indracables with the diffrent terminations?

Hi Neal, when I purchased my Indra's I had a chance to get either a beta pair or the present generation with the Titanium RCA's and saved alot of money because when the two cables were compared in a blindfold taste, you could not tell one from the other. Hope this helps.
My experience has been with the Stealth titanium, machined teflon and silver XLR terminations not RCAs. Should have mentioned it in my original post.
rja are you still using the stealth indras in your set-up
Thanks to all for input.