Individual International Seller Scam

I recently became a victim of a scam. A parasite advertised the sale of  Dali Euphonia MS 5 speakers located in Denmark. I offered him his asking price and in our communications reminded him to formally accept the offer through Audiogon. He committed to the offer in our conversations and we agreed on wire transfer to his HSBC Bank in London. Once the money cleared he sent me an email the speakers were being shipped but that turn out to be a lie. It was the last communication I had with him. he did not respond to several followup email.

The parasite's login is pedersenh62. I have notified Audiogon support and they quickly suspended his account. Audiogon has also been very helpful with what to do. I have filed a report with my Bank, FBI internet Fraud online both locally and the Denmark office based on the address the scam artist provided.

I hope no other members have been duped by the same guy.

My advise is not to deal with INDIVIDUAL international seller unless it is  agreed  that only COD,credit card or some form of escrow is in place and such escrow only released upon confirmation of delivery.

Audiogon may also want to review the policy on individual international sellers. It verifies dealers but maybe it should consider that only sellers who agree to above payments will be allowed to advertise or for that matter demand that such sellers deposit equivalent money for sale with Audiogon.

Thank you for opportunity to share my experience and I hope else gets defrauded.

That's a real bummer.

Did the Parasite have a zero feedback or no prior transactions?

Usually it's victim's fault to become a scam victim.
If that's your first experience, hopefully will be the last, but these types of scam attempts happening on the internet hundreds per second. Not too many fools left to successfully respond and transfer funds, but figures they're still out there. Otherwise scam business wouldn't bloom.
Sorry, but FBI or any other security/enforcement agencies (hey even including Audiogon) worry less about your problem and problems of much higher magnitude than scam.

I had no feedback,but sold 2 sets of speakers internationaly, made video of speakers while  playing it,uploaded on youtube.
When I published wanted ad for spendor sp100r2 and krell fbi ,all offers were scams.One scam was very funny,man emailed me bank account of the women
You are not alone,there a lot of people who were decieved,just few say it loud