indicator light s on martin logan monolith III

indicator lights on one of my monoliths will not stay on. When I turn them on, the one will work, while the other one will flash on but go back out, speaker still works great,so the light is just a indicator of power? can i tap power from something else so I know power is on?the rest of system is a wadia 850, c.j mf 2200 amp, nordost quatro fill and transparent super speaker wires, very simple, sounds nice, please help, Im a perfectionist so the light not working is driving me nuts, thanks guys, marc
The pilot light is probably an LED. I had one do that on one of my Krells. It was just oxidation on one of the leads.
Unfortunately for me, it had to go back to Krell. The good thing is that Krell charged me nothing.

Thanks Richard, all the connetions are good , no oxidation found, it is a led, I put in a new light, still flashes on, then goes out, what gives?
Check soldering cracks/oxidations arround power-drop resistor(usually a couple of MOhms) that is in series with LED.