Independent Subwoofer Setup Question

I have been running two subwoofers connected to my Marantz processor using the Audyssey Pro room correction. I was checking out Marantz’s new AV10 processor and they were making a big deal about their 4 independent subwoofer out improvement for directing bass. You can designate where in the room a sub is located and the processor will direct bass for the corresponding channel to that sub. I said I can do that now with my current setup. Bought a Martin Logan Forte 2 channel amp with a sub out for my rear surrounds. I connected the sub in the back of my room to the Forte, ran ARC room correction and setup my processor for running a single sub. I didn’t know if it would sound better or worse so I have been auditioning with movies and music.

It sounds better, MUCH better. It feels like the room is pressurized more evenly from front to back and I don’t feel I lost any of the bass I had previously. I like it.

My question, I am going to add a third sub using the same method to the amp driving my rear atmos speakers. What type of sub should I use (wall mount, ceiling mount. or box) and what sub should I purchase? Thanks.


This one I could place pretty much anywhere on the floor as space is limited. No room for another big box:


I could go wall mount and mount high on the wall near the ceiling:




I bought a Hsu ULS15 MkII and I think it is great.  It’s big and sealed, but not as big as ported subs. I don't think it’s physically possible to get really good bass out of small boxes and drivers. You didn’t mention what your 2 existing subs are.  I’ve read that subs should not be mixed sealed vs ported.  Maybe you should match one of your existing subs?  Also some of the types you posted above may not be able to be moved around easily to find the best placement.  Others may be too small to be of much good.

Oh, and if limited space doesn’t allow an adequate size 3rd sub, I’d look at replacing one or both of your existing subs.  Rythmik was another brand I liked.  The bigger your room, the bigger your subs should be.


 I have two sealed 10 inch subs, a Sunfire TSEQ10 and a Klipsch R-10. You made a suggestion I didn't think of, replacing one of my existing subs. The Sunfire is like 1200 watts vs the Klipsch 300 but since they are both sealed 10 inchers they harmonize well.

The third sub doesn't have to be big, it is just to smooth out response at high volumes. I have like 14 speakers in my room in an Atmos setup I thought it would be like more even. I am thinking of getting the Sunfire HRS-8 (1000 watts) which is an 8 inch sealed sub and I could mount it high on the wall in a speaker bracket. I am using my living room as a media room so space is an issue.

Subs are heavy to hang on a wall.  I wonder if they would transmit vibrations into the wall, causing some sound issues.  Walls aren’t as inflexible as floors.



Your right, I better get a sub designed to be placed on a wall. Those vibrations could impact other gear on the wall, Thanks.