Indecision 2004,,,Berning EA-230 or Dynaco MKIII'

I have a Berning TF-10 tubed pre...

I currently have these 6550 tube amps with Dynaco transformers and Altec front end..they were owned by Chris Ossanna and R. Kirsten of OTL..look at the 4 450 dc cans each amp has...

Look at pics:



But I am debating swapping them with a less powerful Berning EA-230, as maybe the synergy with the preamp would be magical,,,

Can anyone take a guess at what would I gain or loose by swapping?

They will be driving some EV TRXB's..
I owned a Berning EA 230 for about 10 years and would characterize it as a forward midrange sound and slightly rolled at the extremes. I have heard the MKIII Dyna but on a different system and a WILD guess would be that the Dyna is more neutral. The Berning is really nice and I am a midrange kind of guy so it worked for me, it had a three dimensional quality that reminds me of my Audio Note Soro, kind of SET in character.

That is the best my extra few brain cells can muster up...

happy listening,

Thanks Phil,,,,and also, I am running subs with their own amps thru an active the Berning doesnt have to worry about anything under 150 Hz...