Incredible - Velodyne

OK - - I asked about the new digital drive subs from velodyne some time ago but not too many responses (in "home theater"). This thread belongs in "speakers"...reason follows..
I went out and bought the DD-12...I don't feel like taking the time to write a full blown review. I just felt like I needed to share what is now available to all of us in the new Velodyne subs. In one phrase, throw out your old ones (any brand, and I've owned RELs and others), UNLESS of course you have a perfect room (who does?) and/or a separate quality equalizer or other room correction technology.
Real quick, here's what it does - the thing comes with a microphone, and supplies a test tone while connecting to your TV, which displays a response graph from 0 - 120 Hz of what is being heard AT YOUR LISTENING POSITION from sub and speakers (gone are the days of listening, moving the sub, playing with dials, listening, moving, etc etc and SPL Meters). You can alter phase in 15 degree increments, volume of course, and contour at 8 different bands in order to smooth out your response from 16(!) Hz all the way up to 120 or higher (yes, this methodology will cancel out peaks that your speaker/room interaction is providing by altering the phase). Ever hear a system with no peaks or dips in the bass? There is no replacement. Throw out your bass traps! Yes, they are expensive; I was not even in the market for a sub because my speakers are full range. But when I measured my room and saw what I was hearing (5 dB peaks at 63 Hz and a suckout at 50), and saw what the new velodynes could do, I went out to try one. Integration? Who cares anymore - with these it's no longer an issue (because it integrates perfectly). Whatever you do, unless its a good dealer, don't think you can hear what these can do in a store. While they're easy to set up (20-30 minutes vs. the old weeks-months with other subs),the dealer I went to didn't have much of a clue or it wasn't a priority.
Anyway, These subs make the rest obsolete, given a crappy room. And while yes, of course you can use them for home theater, this is a music lover's sub who wants accurate bass response, and hence why I threw this in "speakers."
Oh, and the servo technology is better/faster than previous models, and you can even adjust that to 8 different levels (how fast per second it measures the signal/woofer output and makes adjustments)...basically, you can tone it down and add distortion (helpful to match slower speakers perhaps).
And yeah, I know someone is going to say that bass from two sources at various phases can't possibly sound good. Well, as an organist who can't live without the pedal notes, it sounds realistic enough for me (with no noticeable diminish in quality) and certainly better than my room rattling on some notes and not hearing others!
It slices! It Dices! It makes thousands of Julian Fries! :)

So what do these babys set you back?
Google search sez it's $2399
I had asked a while back about subwoofer recommendations to use with Thiel CS3.6's, and my initial thoughts were either one of the new Digital Drive subs from Velodyne, REL, or the Thiel SW1. At the time, it did not seem that many people were familiar with the new Velo's. I am glad to see that you are a happy customer. Not that the Velo's ever really made if "off" my list, you have helped place a DD-10 or DD-12 back on my list of subs to consider!

Thanks, Tom.
I concured with the original poster's comments. I own the DD-15 and have it *perfectly* integrated with my Quad ESL 988s. What else are you looking for? If this thing can mate with electrostatics, it can mate with EVERYTHING (loudspeakers, of course).