Incredible deal for speaker cable bottom-feeders

Parts Express evidently bought up the last truckloads of Belkin PureAV Silver Series speaker cables and is blowing them out. Originally they had both 12 and 16-foot lengths but the 16s are sold out.

Belkin PureAV Silver series uses multi-gauge PCOCC (single crystal) 99.9997% oxygen-free copper. Build quality is very high and the screw-on terminators are interchangeable with the ones from PS Audio.

How's $20 for a 12-foot pair? I just took delivery on two sets (about $54 delivered) to do an external bi-wire from my Onkyo A-9555 integrated to a pair of Mirage OMD-15 floorstanding speakers.

Break-in is gentle and relatively quick. Biggest fault out of the box was a plummy bass. In 4 hours it was pretty much gone and by the next morning the cables were fully broken in. They are very dimensional with excellent deep bass, transparency, low noise, etc. etc. The two pair together sound like a good $500 cable. Highly recommended.

Think about it--this is as cheap as getting lamp cord and packaged bananas at Radio Shack or Home Depot.
Thanks for the heads up, I've been looking for some inexpensive cables for a bedroom system. Although, I must confess I will miss the 2000 hour break-in needed for much more expensive cables. :^)
Thanks Johnny,

Looks like a great deal and I can always use a spare set of decent speaker cables. All my other speaker cables are shorter, so it will be nice to have a 12-foot length.

I bought a single pair and it was just under $31 with shipping to AZ.
I picked these up a couple of weeks ago. They have great physical appearence;good looking terminators and shielding.The sound so far has been fine,and is getting better so break in is still occurring.They are 14 gauge so it should take some time. Say tuned and I will report after more time with them.
The cables have gotten better and better. I added the locking Nakamichi locking bananas and the bass tighten up. I have put about 40 hours on them and they seem to be getting smoother and more detailed.The sound floor from my system has been lowered.
Could this be just from cables? I recently added a Benz Micro Gold cartridge.IMHO it is very smooth and open,not a Koetsu but for under $400.00, hard to beat.Seems more musical than the DL103 and more detailed.

All the same,when listening to my digital media the sound has definitely tightened up with more detail, and less glare. They seemed to have softened or warmed the sound. Especially in the mid to high frequencies.
for $20-$30 they are pretty hard to beat.
Well I needed a long run of speaker cable and unfortunately 12 ft. is the longest length for a finished cable. So I just ordered a 30 ft. roll:

I found a picture of what the cable looks like exposed. Appears to be a combination of some strands with solid core center. Was wondering about the best way to terminate this. I imagine using the solid core wire would be best. Any opinions?
Would you please provide a link. Thanks.