Incorporate Dynacos into my system, or sell them?

I primarily use my stereo in my home office. I presently have two separate systems I'm using:

For intimate listening -
Eastern Electric Minimax CD Player
Audio-Technica Sovereign ATH-W1000 headphones

For general listening -
Olive Opus RWA-modded Music Server
Red Wine Audio Signature 30 amp
Omega Super 3 XRS speakers
SignalCable Silver Resolution Reference ICs
SignalCable Ultra Speaker Cables

Sitting unused in my attic are -
Dynaco Stereo 120 Power Amplifier
Dynaco PAT-4 Preamplifier
Dynaco FM-3 Stereo FM Tuner

Are these Dynaco components dinosaurs? Can they be constructively incorporated into my present system in any capacity, or are they too archaic to even consider? I'd hate to sell them off, only to find out I could have used them to advantage with my current setup...
The stereo 120 has a cult following. Its circuit is very different from most transistorized power amps and resembles a preamp on steroids! Output through a monster capacitor!

The PAT-4 did not live up to the good reputation of earlier Dynaco (and DynaKit) tube preamps, which were really SOA when introduced.

The FM-3 was good in its day, but technology has advanced.
Gee, why don't you try the Dynas out and see what they sound like? You have decent gear to compare with.

Cult and buzz are all very well but if you actually have them more or less to hand... you can let us know your take on them!

That was my plan if I got positive feedback on them -- they will take some cleaning up and possible parts replacement if I really want to give them an audition. They have not been powered up in over 30 years!

They do deserve a chance to see what they've got left in the tank...
After you listen you will want to sell them. I'll bet on it.


No takers on that bet! I really like the RWA Sig 30, and given the recent raves on the 30.2 upgrade, I don't see how a piece of 40-year old technology can play in the same league...