Incognito rewire problem

I have installed the Incognito tonearm rewire on a RB 250 Rega arm with the Origin structural mod.There seems to be an earthing problem as I have a continuous and loudish background hum not present at all previously.Checked the wires in the tonearm and base,they are not broken.Could it be the cartridge? A Sumiko Pearl that now hums when near the Planar 2 motor.Thanks,any help appreciated.stefanl
Have you checked the continuity from the arm and table to the ground on your phono/pre?
Yes I have checked the earth.It has been suggested that the right channel earthing is crossed. As I touch the RCA plug to the connect at the back of my amp on the outside,hum disappears,but it still could be out of phase.
You don't mention is the hum isolated to one channel or both? If both double check your cartridge connections make sure they are not crossed. Also check the path the cables run in. I have a RB600 with Incognito and i noticed that the cables don't have the sheilding the OEM Regas did. It may be that you need to re-position the cables. If it just one channel and it disappears with a ground to a RCA plug then try grounding directly to an outlet screw and see if that does it. Also I think what Dan ed was asking do you have an ohm meter and if so check all your cables from cartridge to RCA plug and make sure you don't either have a pinched wire or bare wire. All readings should be within 10%.
Thanks for your replies.The hum is in one channel only it comes and goes in the right channel.I did not think the electrical continuity was the real issue because everthing looked fine in the arm and at the base.I physically tested this also.Garth who makes the kit has replied in Vinyl Asylum to my post there.He suggests running an extra earth.So I will try various alternatives till I find one that works.
Did you not keep the internal ground wire that was connected at the stub threads. I assure that you are not the first to have this problem with the incognito. Look, I'm sorry to tell you but that kit was the "wrong" move.
I have sent the arm back to the dealer and he says he will either repair or use another kit that he has available.I had the elec. continuity checked and there was nothing coming from the blue and white wires in the left channel.This is strange as I was getting signals in both channels but incredibly bad interference also so I will wait and see.
Very bad idea to take that arm apart once yet alone a second time. I can tell you that your arm will most definitely suffer some bearing play from all the handling. You will hear distortion and sibilance in the highs. Been their- done that. I would ask for a new arm and send it to Joe at discovery cable.
I believe that installation of the Incognito kit is different for the RB 250 than other arms in the Rega series.You don't have to take it apart just remove the end stub and the base,thread wire through and fix in new base and replace stub.It should be O.K.I am dubious about the wiring itself though, as it was humming like crazy when the tonearm passed over the motor.
Hope the end stub comes off easy on the 250. Because on the 300/600/900/1000 - most of them are glued on very tightly. I don't trust anyone unscrewing those subs w/out putting pressure on the arm. The incognito is a bad design- period.
Best of luck to you.
I have just heard from my dealer and he says the the problem was that I had not "tinned" my blue and white left channel leads properly so no good connection was being made to the cartridge clips.Although I have got away without this before,anyway he is going to check it for hum on his table at home.All going well I should get my arm back soon.