Inbound wire transfer safety?

Any risks for a seller (myself) accepting a wire transfer. I believe I need to provide my bank account information to the buyer, and that makes me nervous.

Should I be concerned?
I do it all the time in my business.
Very secure & money arrives usually the same day unless international.
You will pay a small fee for incoming transfers - check with your bank.
Once transfer arrives - wait 24 hours & make sure it's posted to your account & not reversed.
You must provide the buyer with the number that identifies your bank (I can't remember what they call that but it's not the same as the routing number on your checks) and your account number. Anybody can get the bank number, and your account number is on every check you write as well as being transmitted to every payee when you make an electronic payment.

Since neither one of these is a secret I see no danger. If you are really worried open a new checking account with the minimum and use that for the transfer.
Your bank can open a second account for you ,at no additional charge.That account can be used to accept the wire-transfer,after it "clears",those funds can be transferred to your main account-leaving your main acct out of the picture.Worked just fine for my purposes and provides you a little safety.
Thanks, wire transfer in progress.