Inboard phono stage in a 7k+ integrated, how good versus standalone units?

Supposing a 7k plus integrated where you could add a mm/mc phono card (actually two mono phono cards in this case), and supposing the quality of assembly and parts equal that of the amp, which is pretty high, is it worth going for versus an outside box especially if you cannot audition it first?

I am thinking one less box plus no need for an expensive interconnect. Cost of the phono cards around $ $800 integrated is the Norma revo IPA-140.

I have been totally stunned by this jewel from day one after owning a truckload of both tube and SS integrated and separates.

Interested by the musical surroundings Nova and the ifi micro phono2.

Not a hard-core vinyl user, but still I enjoy playing my few LP's.

Thanks if you can help!
Dear @sonicbeauty : I have no doubt on that Norma high quality performance and that means that the " road " is to stay with through those phono mono cards that I think were designed to match the IPA-140. So, this " road " is a true sure road.

Can an external phono stage really beats the Norma integrated? could be but maybe at higher price that  what you pay for the complete Norma unit and as you said you will need additional expensive IC cables and the cartridge signal must pass through these additional IC cables and through  those additional male and female RCA connectors that substantially increment the critical cartridge signal degradation: higher distortions!!!

Regards and enjoy the music,

Updating is the key.
Many phono stages are excellent at the time they were created but become dated as progress is made in circuit design.  Unless your unit has the capability of changing out circuit boards to update, eventually whatever you have will no longer be state of the art.

Until then, why not be happy with what you have, and whenever you get restless about what you have no longer being au courant, either seek a new board from the amp manufacturer or look for a better sounding separate unit.

My 3rd system has a Classe preamp with twin phono boards on board.  Good, but not as good as later separate units (I still use a Vendetta and the Mares was very rare and very highly regarded even today).

I have yet to find a CTC Blowtorch phono for sale.....