In walls: who do you like?

a/d/s/, Paradigm, & Canton, all seem to be very good as far as in walls go.
Jamo makes some fantastic in-walls, also. My folks recently installed some throughout their new home. Talk about great sound! Plus, if you use the 8" models, you really have no need for an in-wall sub.
Most inwalls are just a speaker baffle utilizing the wall cavity as an enclosure. This cavity doesn't necessary have consistent volume from one speaker to the other. In addition you're going to deal with bleed through into adjoining rooms. Several speaker companies make an enclosure, but you're dealing with new constuction or remodeling to accomodate. Triad Speakers make an easily retrofittable inwall built in a sealed enclosure. The xover is designed for this exact application. Other inwall enclosures guess on the atypical volume of a stud length set on 16" centers. Too many variables for consistent sound quality. In addition to Triad, I believe Snell has a new line of architectural, Bass Speakers (?) out of San Diego, Speakercraft. Best,. DC
Had a brain cramp, isn't Bass Speakers (they're 12 volt) it's May Audio. They've exhibited at CEDIA the last couple of years.
I am using Speakercraft throughout many of our rooms in our house and with great results. In one of the rooms (work out room), I added a subwoofer which greatly enhances the sound. I bought the speakers through a great company in Winston-Salem, NC called "Audiospectrum". If I recall correctly, the owners name is Carl. Good luck.