In Walls


My wife is getting tired of the AV Equipment in our living room. As I have other listening areas in my house, I can't argue to much. Thinking of changing my
floor standers in this room (Silverline Panatellas with matching Silverline Center and Surrounds) to some in walls. I haven't listened to in walls for many years, but some of the reviews I've seen suggest they have come up in the world.
Budget would be between 3-5 K for a 5.0 (wife is letting me keep the sub).
I do NOT want On-Walls.
Will be driven by an Onkyo receiver that has mated will with the Silverlines.
I posted this in the Home Theater Thread, but didn't get much of a response on the speakers.
IMO the only in wall speakers that remotely keep up with freestanding are of the variety that have there own enclosure that has to be sunk in the wall. If you can accommodate that than have a look at Triads.
I recently installed an in-wall system with Joseph Audio Insiders. I posted my system and pics on the virtual systems section. The system will be awesome if you pay attention to every detail, just as we do with our main systems. Speakers that should be on the short list are Joseph, Totem and Triad. Good luck.
tannoys with dual concetric drivers
I don't claim to be an expert on in wall speakers but since you don't have any luck getting responses, this is how I would do it. Plenty of well respected speaker manufacturers offer in wall speakers. If you are a fan of B&w, for example, why not look at what they have to offer. At least its a starting point.

I know you don't want on wall speakers, but have you considered the cost of installation? Unless you cut into the walls and run the cables yourself, that could be a very big portion of your budget. Possibly a compromise? Maybe just a small pair of speakers for your main L & R channels and do the centre and surrounds in wall. Its just an idea. You would save money and get better sound where its most important.
In walls are CRAP!

Tell your wife to live with what you have.
My Son-in-law recently gave up his Klipsch system in his family room for $500 in wall side speakers and I have to say they're pretty darn good.
There's a thread running about cryo'ing gear. I think cryo'ing the wife will reduce distracting ambient noise levels. ;>') LOL. I have the same problem. My wifey threatens to throw a bucket of water on my rig all the time. Good luck.
BTW, the Joseph Audio Insiders use the Triad sealed box enclosure and Triad grill. Triad makes high quality stuff, but arguably Joseph uses better drivers and especially better x-overs. They better be good or they wouldn't sell a single pair, especially at $2750. Check out my pics. My in-walls don't sound like crap, quite the opposite, and I have been in this hobby for 20 years dialing in high end systems. Just take care with the install and be specific with the cables used in the wall.
I'd normally just agree with Don_55's comment and move on but I happen to own a pair of Solus/Clements DR-ir8 "in-wall" speakers and I have to admit, they sound great.

They're designed to mount in your wall between the studs and use the entire area between the studs as an infinite baffle. With 90db efficiency and an 8 Ohm load, they're very easy to drive.

Phil Clements has been designing speakers since 1976 and is one of the few guys still around who offers great products at very reasonable prices. I'm still fond of his old RT-7 floor standers which used ribbons and transmission line loading.

Do yourself a favor and check him out.
Some good advice here. I will check B&w as a starting point, since my dealer carries them. I listened to Joseph Audio in walls many years ago
And wasn't real impressed, but have they improved in the last few years?