In-Wall System $3000-5000

I'm building a home and have been "encouraged" to live with in-wall speakers in the 18x20 family room.
The Triads that the contracted AV guy recommended are well beyond my price point.
I've narrowed my field to the Energy veritas, B&W reference line and finally Klipsch (in this order).
The system will be primarily used for home theater, but I am also looking for speakers which will be competent with the basics of two channel audio. I am primarily listening to jazz and vocals.
Anyone who could help with recommendations on the above, or additions to this list would help to make my day.

Many thanks in advance,

Joseph Audio introduced some in wall speakers at this year's NYC Audio Show. When demoed, they were hidden behind a curtain to lead you to think that it was one of his different, more expensive speaker models in the room. Quite frankly, they were very impressive sounding. I could definitely live with them as my main speakers. Don't know about pricing though.

Check out Joseph Audio In-Walls .

Regards, Rich
Don't forget M&K.