In-Wall Surrounds : Installation Height

I have purchased In-Wall surround speakers.  I have a template to cut the hole, but it does not say how high up to mount the speakers.

Installing Paradigm CI Elite E80-IW surrounds.

If anyone has experience with these please advise on height from floor to mount them.

Check out this article on speaker placements in a home theater setup,

Hope this helps! 
I have two systems with in-wall surrounds. Each has different ceiling heights as well as one room having an open wall to the adjacent room. In both installs the surrounds are placed at 3/4 of the way up from the floor, with the tweeter at about 2 feet down from the ceiling. Sound is full and cohesive throughout pans on HT and music tracks.
the crutchfield says 1-2 feet above ear level.  I assume that is a sitting ear level.  Thanks Monkey i think that's what we will target.

Yes, in both instances I managed to end up with the middle of a dipolar array of tweeters falling at 24" from the ceiling, and 24" from ear level. However with your Paradigm CI Elite E80-IW surrounds being monopole this should also translate.
About a foot or two MAX above ear level.  Especially if you plan on doing any Atmos height speakers as well.