In Wall surround speakers

Wife will only allow flush to wall surround speakers, none protrouding beyond about 1/4" outward including grilles. Size can't be bigger than 7" x 10". Does anyone have a recommendation? Budget should be under $500 per pair.
CSI-SYMPHONY SERIES one pair of 3-way high defenition in wall speaker system.. pivotal tweeter & mid range for precise sound.. handles 60 to 120 watts --8 ohm ==frequency response 35hz to 20khz 8woofer--14x 10 x 4 sensitivity -90db white in color great sounding speakers--- great for rear set -- make your wife happy and hide them in the wall!!!!! new factory fresh -- full warrenty --- SP-833- 3way in-wall full range w/ pivital tweeter--- for picture go to -- list -- $499.00 cost $300.00 contact -- [email protected] web site -- good listening stephen
Check out Sonance. Not sure if they have the dimensions you are looking for, but I was impressed with sound. Website is I can refer you to an outstanding dealer I met here on Audiogon if you are interested. Good luck with the wife.