In wall stereo speaker recommendations?

I need help choosing a pair of in-wall speakers for a kitchen and living room - about 500 sq ft. I like to play music at decent volumes, while cooking or working. My wife and I just did these rooms over and I have no clearance for a pair of free standing speakers. Further, Martin Logan Voyages, which were my first choice, were discounted because they were too "noticeable" if you understand. These cannot be larger than say 10x24 and must be paintable. I like all jazz, classical and plenty of current music too. I will be adding a subwoofer.
Paradigm SA-30 or 35's will do the trick...

I recently installed four very nicely made Radio Shack ones in an Airstream trailer; Radio Shack Model 40-4099; $30 each. They've got web-available-only ones for $130 with the same look. The in-store 40-4099's are a steal.