In-Wall speakers with a cabinet ie. Triad?

I need all speakers for a surround system. I amusing an Arcam AVR-300. I want, at least, all front speakers to have a cabinet. The speakers will be mounted in a wall that also acts as a return for HVAC. They will not affect flow, but the vaccum will affect the speaker performance. I am looking at Triad Silver/6 and have also seen Speakercraft Starlet 4 that have their own enclosure. This is my need. My max budget is $800.00 for left and right front speakers. I will buy the rest later as I learn more. I bid on Starlet 4's on Ebay and they went to someone else for $910.00. What other choices do I have?
Stereo -

Triad makes some of the best home theater speakers on the planet. The Starlets are quite nice, as I have owned the 4's, 6's, and 9's, but not great at theater.

They do excel in 2 channel listening, and they do well for home theater, they just are more a 50/50 HT/Music speaker. The Triad are a 85/15 HT/Music speaker and are EASY loads to drive, are extremely dynamic, easier to install, and less expensive. Pair any of these with a Velodyne sub (or Sunfire) and you are set!!

The only other direction I would consider is B&W. Several choices, too many really, but competitive pricing and performance.

I have two Velodyne servo 1200 subs for the HT system. I do care more for HT on this system then Music just want to keep front stereo HT speakers to $800.00 or less. Used Triads would be great if I can find them. I just bought a Pioneer 5060HD plasma and I need to stay in my budget.
I purchased SpeakerCraft Starlet 9 in-wall speakers. I need a center channel speaker. I am thinking of Triad in-wall bronze or silver. The reason for the Starlet purchase was the price. $1999.00 for a new pair.