In-wall speakers vs. bookshelves plus subwoofer for Stereo/HT setup

I live in a condo, and have no dedicated listening room. I have a TV/HT setup, plus a separate Amp for my front speakers (B&W 805s).  Now we are now remodeling, which essentially makes it hard to have a floor standing speakers, and/or bookshelf on stands.  Hence, my only option would be to put bookshelves, ON A SHELF (god forbid), or use some in-walls, plus an added subwoofer for the bass which can be placed beside the new cabinets being made.

What would be a better option? I like to get some nice bookshelves if possible, BUT they'd be up against the wall, and probably boxed in within some shelves... so would a higher end in-wall do better in this case? Like either Focal or B&W top of the line in-walls?

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Bookshelves, for sure. Everything mijostyn says plus bookshelves you can experiment with placement. Something changes they easily move onto a stand. Or whatever. Point is, options. Not to mention they just always look a whole lot better.

For bass the answer is always four small ones. The smaller the space and the fewer the placement options the more important the inherent advantages of four becomes.