In-wall speakers and sub

Need your advice. I have a friend who's looking to install in-wall speakers for a 5.1 system and I have no idea what to recommend to him. He's looking to spend in the $100 range per speaker. I was thinking of recommending the Paradigm CS-150s for the fronts and maybe the CR-50Rs for the rears in ceiling, but again I have no idea. Are these decent, and what else would you recommend? It would be most helpful if you could also explain why you think something else might be better so I have an idea of why I should look at them.

While we're at it, I was also going to recommend the Hsu STF-2 sub at around $350 mainly because it goes pretty deep for movies and isn't huge or too expensive (he won't spend more than this at this stage). Any others in that price range you think may be better and why? Thanks for any thoughts/ideas.
At about $100/speaker my suggestion to you is to try and get a closeout of a premium brand. For example, Revel just discontinued their older in-ceiling speakers several months ago and some dealers had some models for $100/each that listed for over $250+ each.

Right now, you can also get Martin Logan Helos 10s for 50% off at $150 from Audioholics online store. The link is here:

There is also the Parasound C-65 in-ceiling speaker at $99 from $285 at AudioAdvisor at:

They have the in-wall sub likewise on sale at $99.

HiFi Buys in Nashville also recently had some JBL LS3256c in-ceiling speakers on close out from $399 to $199 each and revel IC6T2s from $249 to $99 each. Those are all just steals and they are from dealers where you will get a warranty. That's important.

If I was to personally rank the products, I'd prefer the Revels or JBL followed by the Martin Logans and finally the Paradigm or Parasound.

Not sure if there are any closeouts by any other premium brand manufacturer currently happening.

Paradigm is a great brand and a great value brand at that price point if you aren't looking at the closeouts and want to pay full retail.

I personally have the Atlantic Technology in-walls and sub in a secondary setup in my house. The Atlantic stuff is just fine but out of your price range. I like the punch of the Atlantic in-wall sub and can speak to that from experience.

I also have Revel in-ceilings. I find the Revel products to have a much, much cleaner midrange and overall cleaner and "just right" sound to my ears that is to my taste; that's why I'd put them first in my opinion.

Good luck, there are plenty of deals out there.