In wall speakers?

Are there any in wall speakers that can sound as good as traditional speakers that are free standing away from the back and side walls such as we think of traditional 2 channel audio? Is it possible to attain good sound this way, or is it just a convenience, WAF factor issue??

Triad has some pretty beefy in-wall speakers.

The problem with In-walls is there is no space behind the speaker for the sound to hit the rear wall and reflect forward.

I think they can be pretty good for HT, but not a whole lot else.

i guess if you are not too picky about having "Audiophile" sound they are a very convinient, affordable, and WAF-happy option.
ive been playing with the idea of getting some In-walls for a HT surround setup in the livingroom and having a set of full-range traditional speakers for the 2 channel aspect.

Keeps all the extra speakers out of the way.
B&W makes their impressive signature line for in wall speakers. They also make a box that goes inside the wall that is optional that dramatically increases the sound. I had the luxury of listening to them at my local dealer. If I had to go in wall, there is no doubt I would go that route.

I think it's great that they moved their signature technology to in wall products as I am starting to do a little more custom installing.
I agree with S7horton - the B&W's are definetly worth a listen - even some of their less expensive 6 and 8 inch woofer units are better than fair speakers.
IMO - the biggest single problem with in walls is still the old bugaboo of position/placement. If you only want to use them for background ( super musak) - then I suppose you can put them anywhere they'll fit. If you really want them to perform at their potential - they need to be:
1.) Mounted at ear level.
2.) Free from near field reflective/absorbtove surfaces.
3.) Paired in some half logical fashion - no you really can't get good stereo(any stereo) from inwalls mounted in some bizare one in each corner or facing each other or or or or.... If a "conventional "speaker would be a dumb idea placed that way - a inwall won't be any better.
4.) Most of us at one point or another have taken the time to move speakers around within a listening room and been blown away at the shocking improvement sometimes small positional changes can make. Clearly - moving in walls is usually not a option - make sure you negotiate with she who must be obeyed about furniture placement at the begining of the process or you'll both be un-happy.
5.) I've heard a whole lot of speakers in the last 35 years that are way inferior to the B&W in walls - they are worth a listen.
Unfortunately I don't believ you will ever get a comparable sound out of an in-wall. Afetr all have you ever seen a speaker cabinet made of 2x4's and drywall?
But in years of helping people set up systems where in-wall was the choice I have found the Linn Sekrets to be the best bang4buck speaker.
Check out the high end Niles (Check my video system, I have the grills off in the pictures..) they are three ways with titanium 8" drivers.. pretty amazing full range and not fatiguing... after the initial break in they are amazing, plus they have eq controls because I can't treat the room) and you can even rotate and angle the mid/tweeter array..

My friend has the B&W signature series but actually the step down with the 8" bass driver in the standard series sound better for movies and is a whole lot less.

I still prefer my Niles .. I had NHT 3.3's and an Aerial Center channel and I don't miss anything.. Make sure you still get a high quality sub because the LFE is key for movies...
I'm reviving this thread with a related question. My front three speakers will be traditional speakers -- how much would I be compromising if I used in-walls (in-ceilings?) speakers for my rears (or sides in a 7.1)?

To wit, my front three speakers will be NHTs, and I know NHT makes several in-walls -- I'm thinking the SuperOne in-wall.

As these are rears, how much am I giving up doing it this way rather than wall brackets? Installing the rears in the ceiling would be particularly easy in my listening room, to boot...